Tips on how to care for your skin while sick!

Cold & Flu Season is upon us so I wanted to share some helpful tips on how you can also take care for your skin while you are sick. ⁠ ⁠

1. Use a humidifier in your home & bedroom at night.⁠ ⁠

2. Apply a cooling gel mask to your face. Since decongestants can be so dehydrating, a gel mask is a great way to put water back in the skin to keep it looking hydrated and dewy. Put the gel mask in the refrigerator an hour before applying. This also helps provide relief with pounding headaches.⁠ ⁠

3. Sleep with a Cream Based Mask on your face. The reparative oils in the mask will leave skin moist and dewy in the morning. (Let me know if you have any questions regarding cream masks).⁠ ⁠

4. Keep Moisturizer or Face Oil on the nose at all times. After every blow, apply a small amount of cream or facial oil to the nose area. This will help provide instant comfort and prevent further damage to the skin.⁠ ⁠

5. Use Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil in Your Shower or in your Oil Diffuser. For the Shower use shake bottle for about 15 secs to spread oil to shower floor, wait 5 minutes, then step into shower and breathe in the Eucalyptus scent, then turn on the warm water and enjoy the spa experience and opening up the airways for easier breathing. ⁠

6. Advance Hydrating Tip: This would be prior to getting sick would be to come see me for a Hydro Dermabrasion Treatment & Oxygen Facial. This treatment is a gentle skin peeling with a hydro-solution treatment that uses vacuum massage to extract damaged skin cells and lymphatic drainage. Finished with a powerful oxygen infusion technology that boosts the absorption of nutrients and gives accelerated hydration to give a glowing finish with no irritation. This 90 minute treatment/facial is $135.

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