Skin Care Timeline Every Bride Should Know for 2021

Since wedding season is upon us I wanted to prepare all the Brides out there will what all they need to know for their skincare plan to get their skin wedding ready.

Six Months Before Wedding

  • Go to your skincare profession and schedule a consultation to figure out what's the best skincare plan for you.

  • Figure out your skincare budget (It can range from $1000-$2,000 for both professional skincare services & skincare products).

  • Follow the plan you and your skincare professional decide on. (MM Beauty has a great Bridal Beauty Bootcamp package that will have your skin glowing by Wedding Day,  Check it out here for more details).

  • Drink lots of water

Three Months Before Wedding

  • Avoid picking your skin.

  • Cut back on invasive treatments like laser treatments or skin peels.

  • Keep drinking lots of water

One Month Before Wedding

  • Be gentle to your skin don't overdo products or skincare treatments. 

  • Try to get a full 8 hours of sleep each night.

  • I know...still more water...

Three Days Before Wedding

  • Don't experiment with new skincare products.

  • Limit your alcohol intake since it leads to puffiness

  • SHOCKER...drink lots of water to keep skin hydrated.

  • Get your final facial before the big day - Dermaplaning is great for makeup application as well as microdermabrasion or hydrodermabrasion. Stay away from any type of peels or strong enzymes. Physical exfoliation and hydrating treatments are best. If you need any skin care services, please let me know!

Day of Wedding

  • Come to your appointment time with freshly washed skin and no remains of yesterday’s makeup.

  • *If I'm doing your makeup* No need to moisturize your skin since I use products that I know will withstand long hours and photograph well.

  • *If I'm doing your makeup* Refrain from using SPF as this can sometimes cause an ashy look or flashback with makeup. If you are concerned with sun protection, I do have an SPF that is specific to makeup and photography.

  • Apply a gel mask to help skin be refreshed and hydrated.

  • SURPRISE...Drink plenty of water!

  • Practice deep breathing, maybe have that glass of champagne or tea!

  • Final Tip: You Need to Eat! Keep it light & high in protein to avoid a nervous tummy, but still feeding your brain and muscles. This is a LONG day and you want to be mentally and physically present. If you are dehydrated or weak you can risk fainting, headaches and just feeling really tired which is not fun.

Any questions regarding these wedding skincare prep tips, to make consultation or if you'd like more details on my Bridal Beauty Bootcamp package call, text, or email me at 916-520-9310 or 

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