Did you know Sheet Masks differ from the traditional Masques? Benefits of using both!!!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Let's talk about the extremely popular Sheet Masks! I'm going to discuss what is a sheet mask, how it differs from the traditional cream masque and how to use it with your skin regimen.


A sheet mask is a thin cotton sheet that is soaked in liquid-based formula to hydrate, brighten and treat fine lines. They are filled with serum based formulas packed with vitamins, amino acids and minerals to offer the great benefits of hydrating and restoring the natural glow back into your skin. 

Sheet masks have great benefits but they are not meant to replace the traditional cream masques which are designed to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin. 

I'm going to discuss Images Anti-Aging Hydrogel Sheet Mask and how to use this with your nighttime regimen. You not only receive a hydrating anti-aging mask but it also acts a your serum. How it works? Gently cleanse your skin before application, apply the sheet mask for the allotted time, remove the mask and gently massage the leftover serum into your skin, then discard. Then apply your eye cream and night moisturizer. In the morning, your skin will feel so soft and refreshed as if you were at a spa all day getting pampered. 

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