Are you suffering from Mask-ne? Here's some tips that can help you avoid it.

With the recent pandemic we pretty much wear face masks on a daily basis and some wear them all day long during work hours. I'm sure some of you have started to notice breakouts around your mask area and wonder what can you do to help that. The problem is with the fabric so close to the skin it causes friction and irritation, plus you get sweat, oil and makeup build up under the material which also leads to rashes and breakouts. The mouths ecosystem has more than 6 billion bacteria lounging around the tongue and teeth area. With every breath and word you take, billions of bacteria are spewed into your mask which creates a humid moist area for the bacteria to live. This results in skin irritation, redness, clogged pores and breakouts know as "maskne". Here's some things you can do to help this situation. 

  • Use a fresh mask each day. 

  • If you have a long workday you could also switch to clean mask half way through your day.

  • Always wash your masks after each use.

  • Spray a toner in the clean mask which will gently cleanse it and give you a cleaner environment. 

  • Wash your face morning and night.

  • Don't put moisturizer in the areas where your mask covers, this will help you avoid creating a moist environment for the bacteria to live.

Skin Consultation - $25 If you have any questions regarding the maskne or skincare issues, I'm offer 30 minute Online Skin Consultations. During this consultation I will evaluate your skin and help create a solution for you. If this seems like something you are interested in please text or email me at 916-520-9310 or

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